Meeting Rooms

The Great Bend Public Library provides the community with comfortable places to hold meetings. It is encouraged for outside groups and organizations to use the library as a space to exchange ideas and provide and participate in events for the enrichment of the public. The Great Bend Public Library also has Study Rooms for patron to use as meeting places for group projects or quiet places to study. The Lower Level Meeting Room and Classroom do have a FEE for using the rooms. Our Study Rooms are FREE. However, all rooms require reservations. Please make your reservation request online or call us.

Private Meeting Rooms:Lower Level Meeting Room and Classroom *These rooms are available for a FEE and require a reservation.

Study Rooms: Main Conference Room, Blue Study Room 1, Green Study Room 2, and Yellow Study Room 3 *These rooms are FREE and require a reservation.

Room requests can now be completed online at:
Room Reservation Request Form

The following are informational forms about the Lower Level Meeting Room and the Classroom:
Meeting Room Policy
Setup Types

The following link contains information about Study Rooms:

Study Room Policy


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