We Grow Corn

Session 1: Our Farm

In our first sessionwe will  overview what will be learned in all  6 sesstions we will be introduced to the farmers, Brad McCauley and Steve Rome, and get excited to learn about growing corn.

In this weeks activity we will learn the four main growth stages of corn: seed, sprout, plant, and ear of corn.

Session 2: Let’s Plant Corn!

In this sesstion we will learn about the process of planting corn and what a corn kernel needs to germinate.

In this weeks activity we will be able to see what a corn kernel looks like when it germinates. Atendies will take home a corn germination necklace that they will have made to watch corn germinate over the next week.

Session 3: Growing Corn

This week we will learn how corn grows and what is needed to grow a healthy corn plant. We will explore challeges faced by farmer like insects, weeds and even the amount of water will all determine how much the corn plant will produce.


During this weeks activity, we will be able to make the connection on the importance water plays in growing a corn crop. The water cycle describes the continuous movement of water and at what stage the water reaches the corn plant.

Session 4: Harvest

This week we will learn about harvest, the process of getting the corn from the field to the elevator, ethanol plant or storage bins and how harvest is a fun time for the family.

In this weeks activity we will have fun creating their own corn plant.

Session 5: How Corn Is Used

In session 5 we will learn how corn harvested in Kansas is used. First we will learn the difference between sweet corn and field corn as field corn is the most common corn grown in Kansas and the Midwest. There are over 3,500 uses for corn, many are in products we use every day but the main uses for field corn is for livestock feed and fuel.

In this week we will be making a substance called Oobleck, named after the book by Dr. Seuss titled, Batholomew and the Oobleck. This crazy substance is a liquid when you play with it really slowly but will turn to a solid if you go too fast! We will learn how to make this substance using cornstarch as well as other ways we might use corn starch.

Session 6: The World Needs Farmers

Session 6 ends our “We Grow Corn!” series. This week we will learn why we need farmers, and that agriculture is a big industry full of many job opportunities. This week we will celebrate farmers and agriculture.

In this weeks activity we will get the chance to experament with biodegradable packing peanuts made of corn. When they are added to water they will disappear, a much safer product for our environment, than plastic peanuts.  To celebrate all that farmers do we will build a farm made from biodegradable packing peanuts.