Weekly Challenges Week 1

   1. READING-Read a Fiction and a Non-Fiction book about  Castles, a Prince, a Princess and /or a Dragon.

2. IMAGINATION- Use items from around the house to dress up, and build a castle to save the princess.

    3. CREATIVITY- Make a family coat of arms shield.
Make a fire breathing dragon
Make a crown

4. EXPERIMENTS-Shoe Cobbler challenge:
Play an ordering game with shoes. Order by size of shoe, then size of heel. You could even sort by the type of material, colors, laced or not laced the shoes are made from.

Make a foaming dragon!

5. COMMUNITYBe a good neighbor! Make a card for your neighbor telling them to have a great day, and why they are a good neighbor. 

  Share your activities with us
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